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Changing the Way Your Leaders Market Manufacturing

As the marketing director for a manufacturer, you want to make your mark by helping the leaders of your company build the business and achieve their strategic goals. If you’re like most manufacturing marketing directors, however, at some point in the process of trying to get new programs off the ground, you’ve hit a few snags. Whether you’ve been at your company a while or you’ve just signed on, this paper will provide you with some information and approaches you can use to make a better case for your objectives with leadership. 

In its pages you will find:

1. Three common stories we hear leadership tell about marketing that prevents them (and you) from moving forward and some ways you can help them evolve that story.

2. Three mindsets you might be dealing with and a snapshot of a model of change that can help you see things from leaderships’ point of view so you can dial in your message.

3. Seven common myths leadership buys into and what you can say that can change their minds.

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